Isle 11 ft. Explorer Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard


Isle 11 ft. Explorer Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard

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Described as easy to paddle and very rigid, the Isle Explorer is an eleven-foot inflatable paddleboard that’s fun to ride, but may not be the fastest board around. This model can be inflated up to fifteen PSI and has a weight capacity of 220 pounds.

Isle Explorer 11ft. Inflatable Stand up Paddleboard Review: Design and Specs

This SUP is easy to track and navigate in the water, the very design of this board is made for maneuverability. The extensive bungee system located at the front of the board, and the smaller bungee system on the back of the board allow you to securely stow your personal items while you’re out on the water. Because the large bungee system on the front of the board takes up quite a bit of space, the foot pad isn’t as long as some users would like. However, it’s still of adequate length and very comfortable to stand on.

The board’s center carry handle features rubber padding, which makes it comfortable and convenient to carry around. You’ll also find carry handles at the front and back of the board, although these handles are not rubber padded.

The removable fin is a little different than most fin styles on SUPs, but it still works great for navigation. The fin attaches by sliding in and is secured by screwing it down. You should always use the larger fin when you’re out on open water. It really makes a difference when it comes to performance and tracking for this board. You can detach the fin if you’re in shallow water or if you’re paddling in lakes or rivers that contain large amounts of debris.

The Explorer is six inches deep and features military grade PVC material. Equipped with four D-rings, located at the back of the board by the bungee system. These rings can be used to attach a seat if desired. The D-ring located at the front of the board can be used to secure your leash or for towing.

Isle SUP accessories and Carry Bag Options

The setup of this board is very simple. Unroll the bag and inflate to fifteen PSI, using the included hand pump with gauge. After the board has been inflated, attach the fin and optional seat and you’re good to go. A little on the heavy side, this model weighs in at twenty-nine pounds.

Isle offers the choice of two different bags for the Explorer. The first option is an inflatable wheeled travel bag, or you can choose the basic SUP backpack. These bags are not included in the package, but we definitely recommend purchasing one for easier travel.

How Consumers Rated the Explorer

The overall performance for this SUP by Isle is good, just keep in mind this isn’t a board that’s designed for speed. Consumers gave this model a rating of four out of five stars, for design and durability. Some users found this model to be both too slow and heavy, making it difficult for some users to carry around. It would also be a big improvement if a carry bag was included in the package, especially because it’s necessary for this heavy model.

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