Isle 10ft. Inflatable Stand up Paddleboard Package

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This inflatable paddleboard by Isle features dimensions that are excellent for beginners and seasoned boarders. This SUP package includes a two-year warranty, which will cover any type of material or construction defect. This board also features a one-month return policy, which gives consumers confidence in their purchase knowing they can return or exchange this model, should it not meet their needs. Easy to tote around and even easier to store, this paddleboard features durability and great maneuverability out on the water.

Isle 10ft. Inflatable Stand up Paddleboard Package Review: Product Overview and Dimensions

This board measures in at ten feet long, by thirty-one inches wide and is six inches deep. Using a board this thick gives the user better control over it because the board will be more stable in the water. Once deflated, the board measures in at just one foot and is thirty-six inches wide. Able to handle a user weight of up to two-hundred pounds, the Isle is a perfect buy for beginners or smaller riders.

To store, simply deflate and roll up. When inflated, the board weighs approximately twenty-four pounds and comes with a center box fin that measures in at nine inches. It also includes two permanently attached side fins.

The board is constructed out of PVC and has been drop stitched for extra strength. As durable as a fiberglass board, this model cannot be snapped, damaged or cracked. Featuring military grade material, this model is nearly impossible to damage.

A look inside this SUP Package by Isle

Inside this package you’ll find a high-pressure hand pump, three piece aluminum paddle, multiple D-rings, a traction paddle and a repair kit. The aluminum paddle can be folded up when not in use.

The Isle paddleboard offers perfect dimensions for individuals who are just starting out, but these specs also work well for petite seasoned boarders.

How Consumers Rated this Isle Inflatable SUP Package

Consumers gave this model a rating of four out of five stars for quality, easy storage and pricing. Lightweight and impressively durable, this model cuts through the water as the user easily handles the board, even in choppy waters. Equipped with all the tools you need to get started out on the water, the Isle is a great buy, especially for newbies.

This board performs the best on calmer bodies of water, such as rivers and lakes. While most inflatable models are not intended for surfing, you can use the Isle for smaller waves, usually four to five feet in size. If you do decide to catch some waves, be sure to purchase a leash so you don’t lose your board. Currently, this model is priced at $699.

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