Atoll 11ft. Inflatable Stand-up Paddleboard

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This inflatable stand-up paddleboard by Atoll is wide enough to support beginners and seasoned boarders. Measuring in at eleven feet long, two users can easily board together. Because of the size, you’ll be less likely to fall over. This package includes a backpack carry bag, hand pump and repair kit, and comes with everything else you’ll need for this exciting watersport. The top and bottom of the board have been wrapped in an additional layer of drop stitched material for improved strength and durability, while EVA foam has been applied to the top of the board for improved balance and grip.

Atoll Inflatable Stand-up Paddleboard Review: Product Overview and Features

Experts recommend pumping the board up to fifteen PSI, which can easily be done using the included hand pump. Once your board has been inflated you can attach the airtight fin. The fin works by keeping you on course and allows you to maintain direction without much effort. This model also includes a removable seat, for the kayak experience.

A leak repair kit is also provided and fits nicely in the large carry Atoll backpack. Always keep your repair kit with you when you take your board out, in the event you hit rough waters and the board is punctured by sharp debris.

The board’s adjustable paddle consists of three pieces of aluminum, including a nylon blade. Because aluminum is a lightweight material, you won’t have to worry about the paddle sinking if you drop it. Because aluminum is so light, paddling will be much easier. The paddle can be adjusted based on your height, for a more comfortable experience.

The front and rear tie-downs allow you to safely store your personal items and supplies, while you’re out on the water. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t feature a D-ring for leash use.

How Consumers Rated the SUP by Atoll

Consumers gave this model a rating of four out of five stars for pricing, improved strength of the board due to the additional layer of drop stitched material, included hand pump and large carry backpack. Large enough and sturdy enough to be used by two people, this inflatable SUP includes most of the features you want on a paddleboard. A downside for this model is the fact that it doesn’t include a D-ring. A D-ring is commonly used to allow boarders to keep better track of their boards, especially if they paddle in rough waters or catch new waves. D-rings also allow the boarder to be towed. If you want to install a D-ring on this model it can be a little intimidating considering it’s an inflatable model. Speak with the Atoll customer service or a staff member at your local sporting goods store for recommendations for D-ring attachment options. Another options is to attach your leash using the board’s bungee tie-downs. An overall sturdy board that easily cuts through the water, this is a great SUP that could do with an upgrade or two, but is still perfect for newbies and pros alike. Currently, this model is priced at $739.19.

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