Inflatable Stand-up Paddleboard- In-Depth Reviews on Top-Rated SUPs

Atoll 110 Foot Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board picThis site reviews some of the top-selling models of inflatable stand-up paddleboards on the market. We take an in-depth look at how they perform on the water, what they’re priced at and what type of features they include. We also discuss what consumers had to say regarding their experiences with these SUPs and the pros and cons for each model. It’s our hope that you’ll use this information to make an educated decision on your next paddleboard purchase.

At a Glance:

  Name Rating Price
Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable Tower Paddleboards Adventurer 2 SUP $$$
Isle 11 ft Explorer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board image Isle Explorer Inflatable SUP $$$
Solstice Bali Stand-Up Paddleboard image Solstice Bali SUP $$$
Blue Wave Sports Stingray Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard pic Blue Wave Sports Stingray $$$
Aqua-Marine-SPK1-Inflatable-Paddle-Board Aqua Marine SPK-1 $$$
Atoll 110 Foot Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board pic Atoll 11ft. Inflatable $$$
Isle-Explorer-11ft-InflatableStandupPaddleboard2 Isle 11 ft. Explorer $$$

If you’ve never used a paddleboard before then you need to do a little research and learn more about the different features inflatable stand-up paddleboards have to offer, including fins, D-rings, tie-downs, carry bags, maneuverability and speed. This will help you to determine what type of features you’ll need based on the type of boarding you’re interested in.

Most people purchase this type of board, not just because they’re fun to use, but because they also give you a pretty intense workout. Inflatable paddle boards are also easy to transport and store, unlike traditional models.

So, when you’re shopping around for a board, your primary considerations should involve pricing, speed, features and maneuverability. Size will also be a factor. You need to choose a board that works for your weight. If the board is unable to displace the correct amount of water for the user’s weight, then they won’t be supported on the board. The board’s weight capacity should be checked before you purchase. Standard weight capacity can range from two-hundred pounds to four-hundred pounds.

When it comes to choosing the length of your board, consider where you want to paddle. Paddling on a lake or catching new waves are very different styles of boarding and will require a different length. The width of a board is what determines stability. These models are usually made up to thirty-eight inches wide, which accommodates most body types. A wider board will offer more stability than a narrow board. Narrow boards are much faster than wide boards, but may not be very stable.

Inflatable stand-up paddleboards use a PVC exterior with drop stitch construction that creates an air core. This type of paddleboard is much easier to carry and store, especially when compared hollow core models.

Fins will add stability and tracking ability. A single fin setup is usually detachable for easy storage. This fin is placed in the fin-box and is secured in place with a screw.

Some models feature a three fin setup, which includes side fins that are permanent and a detachable rear fin. This type of fin system promotes straight tracking on flatwater and improved control of your board in choppy water.

Most models of SUPs include a free three piece aluminum paddle. These paddles are usually adjustable in order to accommodate the user’s height. You should use a paddle that’s about four to six inches taller than you are.

Leashes are sold separately and are necessary in order to prevent losing your board in rough waters. There are leashes that are specially designed for flat water or surf, so make sure you choose the right kind.

The price of these boards can vary greatly and will depend on the size and length of the board, in addition to any extra features. A good board will have a price range that varies from $250 to $800.

Tower Paddleboards Adventurer 2 Inflatable SUP’Package Review

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer InflatableThe Adventurer 2 by Tower Paddleboards is a model that’s six inches thick with a four-hundred-pound weight capacity and over ten feet in length. This board can easily handle two users thanks to its sturdy design and impressive weight capacity. While it measures in at over ten feet when inflated, once deflated this board is only about a foot long. The Adventurer 2 was rated as our top product with a perfect five out of five-star score. Once you get a look at the features it has to offer, it’ll come as no surprise that it’s a best-seller.

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Isle Explorer Inflatable Stand up Paddleboard Review

Isle 11 ft Explorer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board imageThe Explorer by Isle Paddleboards measures in at eleven feet long, six inches deep, with a weight capacity of 220 pounds. Featuring plenty of storage options due to the two bungee storage systems, three carry handles and removable fin, this package comes with everything you need to get started out on the water. This board is also perfect for shallow tracking, thanks to its easy maneuverability. Made from military grade PVC material, this SUP is tough enough to handle most new waves, choppy water and flat water with ease. The Explorer also includes four D-rings, for leash attachment or towing. This is one of the heavier inflatable paddleboard models, weighing in at twenty-six pounds. Overall, this isn’t a very fast board, so keep this in mind if you want a board that can handle waves or you enjoy paddleboard racing.

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Solstice Bali Stand-Up Inflatable Paddleboard Review

Solstice Bali Stand-Up Paddleboard imageThe Solstice Bali inflatable SUP is big enough for two users and comes loaded with such features as a tri-fin setup, four tie-downs, D-ring for towing, patch kit and hand pump. This model is coated with non-slip EVA traction, which provides a better grip. The board itself is eleven feet long, twenty-nine inches wide and four inches thick. This SUP uses a multi-layered construction that prevents the board from flexing. During assembly, this board needs to be pumped up to fifteen PSI, which can be done using the included hand pump with gauge.

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Blue Wave Sports Stingray Inflatable Paddleboard

Blue Wave Sports Stingray Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard picThe Stingray by Blue Wave Sports has enough space to accommodate two riders with a weight capacity of 220 pounds. It is 10 feet long, 4 inches high, and 30 inches across. The low height profile makes the Stingray easy to maneuver in the water, while the multi-layer, higher pressure core construction makes this SUP one of the sturdiest out there. To add to its maneuverability the Stingray by Blue Wave Sports comes with a detachable center tracking fin. The Stingray stand-up inflatable paddleboard is coated with Z-Ray soft grip technology, allowing you excellent control of the board in flat or choppy water. Stand-up Inflatable Paddleboard accessories include a hand pump, an adjustable paddle, a removable seat, and carry bag. We rated it 5 stars for excellent durability and movement in the water.

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Aqua Marine SPK-1 Inflatable Paddleboard Review

Aqua-Marine-SPK1-Inflatable-Paddle-BoardThe SPK-1 Stand-up Inflatable Paddleboard by Aqua Marine is a smaller board fit for children and petite riders. It measures at 9.9 feet long, 4 inches thick, and 30 inches wide, with a classic pintail design to promote maneuverability and speed. Because of its small size, it cannot support more than one rider; even two children are too much. The SPK-1 SUP is great for catching first waves or boarding on flat water, is made out of PVC material for great durability, and utilizes drop stitch construction to hold everything together. The Aqua Marine SUP comes with removable fins for storage, an attached D-Ring for towing, and an EVA anti-slip pad to keep you firmly on the board. For accessories, the SPK-1 SUP includes an upgraded hand pump, a 3 piece adjustable aluminum paddle, and a carry bag. It was consumer-rated 4 out of 5 stars for its affordability and great design.

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Atoll 11ft. Inflatable Stand-up Paddleboard

Atoll 110 Foot Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board picThe Atoll 11ft. Inflatable Stand-up Paddleboard is the perfect board for carrying two riders. With a length of 11 feet, the Atoll SUP is perfect for beginners just starting out and more than great for any seasoned boarder. The Atoll 11ft. SUP is wrapped top and bottom in an additional layer of drop stitched material, giving it incredible durability and improved strength. The front and rear tie-downs allow you to store anything that will fit, so you can take your adventure anywhere. The Atoll SUP comes with a detachable fin, carry bag, hand pump, adjustable paddle, and repair kit. The repair kit fits nicely in the bag and is a necessity on the open water. Unfortunately, this SUP does not come with an attached D-Ring, and attaching one can be a messy process. We rated it 5 out of 5 stars for price, durability, and great accessories.

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Isle 11 ft. Explorer Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard

Isle 11 ft Explorer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board imageThe Isle 11ft. Explorer SUP is a board not designed for speed but makes up for it in incredible maneuverability and durability. Made from PVC material, the Isle 11ft. Explorer is easy to paddle, thanks to the board’s design and detachable fins. Because of the high-quality PVC material, the Isle SUP is very rigid. On the downside, it may be perhaps too rigid, and is very heavy, making it difficult to carry around. This Isle stand-up inflatable paddleboard is 11 feet long, 6 inches deep, and can support up to 220 pounds. An extensive bungie system is secured on the front, with a minor, less extensive system on the back. Unfortunately, the front bungie system is large enough to make the rubber standing pad a little smaller than optimal. Accessories include a hand pump, detachable fin, detachable seat, paddle, and 4 attached D-Rings for towing and other purposes. Consumers rated it at 4 out of 5 stars for durability and maneuverability.

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Stand up paddle boarding is truly a rewarding sport, there is nothing quite like waking up nice and early and getting on the water. It really doesn’t matter what water as long as it is water, all you got to do it get on and start paddling. It will take a bit of practice to get used to the balance and weight equal but there will be a certain point where you just get it and everything in the world makes sense again. Stand up paddleboarding is also great for fitness, you use your whole body to either balance or paddle. You have to switch sides so the actions are really giving your whole body a super workout as well as being enjoyable and fun.

Once you get a bit braver you could always take your new inflatable paddle board and hit the waves, that will take your stand up paddleboarding to the next level. Riding waves is the purest natural high you can experience, the sensation of riding a wave. So pure and natural it gives me shivers just typing about it.

Paddle boarding has been such an adventure for me, being a board rider my whole life the first time I saw one I was attracted to it like flies to (you know). I was doing a TV show in New Zealand (no I am not famous) and one of the challenges was an inflatable stand up paddle board race, I knew I had the advantage over all the city slickers (I am a beach bum by nature) as I have been a surfer / board rider most of my life. I’ll tell you what though, as confident as I was at the start of the race, that quickly disappeared when I got on the board. When the adrenaline is pumping like that and the water was so cold the thought of falling in was scaring me more than anything else. In my defence I quickly adjusted and was able to get into a rhythm early on, unfortunately, despite trying to help the contestants by telling them how to balance and paddle (they thought I was playing the game and giving them wrong information) the other contestants did not find the race so easy going. Let’s just say they felt the cold a lot more than I did.

I urge you to give stand-up paddle boarding a try, you are in for a lot of fun I can promise you that.



Stand up paddle boarding is a water sporting activity that is closely related to surfing which entails paddling further into water bodies such as an ocean or paddling while standing. It originated in the US State of Hawaii and has been around for just a decade now. In order to enjoy the sporting activity, there is the need for a stand-up paddleboard since it is the primary equipment which is required.

The following discourse shall dwell on the subject matter of stand up paddle boards, the various types that are in existence, the most popular brands as of the year 2015, the factors to be put into consideration while shopping out for the most appropriate paddle board, where to obtain the right board, and the various accessories required for their effective functioning.

Types of Stand up Paddleboards

There are several types of stand up paddle boards. These are: flat water, all-around, and surfing stand up paddle boards. They are discussed in details here below:

Flat Water Stand up Paddle Boards

These are stand up paddle boards that are designed for use in lakes, rivers, and bays. They are generally speaking much wider, longer, and more stable than the other two types that are in existence today. They are also suited for various surfers ranging from the basic through to intermediate and finally to the advanced.

  • They have universal relevance owing to the fact they are suitable for all kinds of users.
  • They are more stable
  • They are much easier to navigate
  • They are not suitable for surfing in rough seas and may therefore not offer much support for those keen on sharpening their surfing skills.

All-round Stand up Paddle Boards

They are designed for high performance during surfing and added stability in the flat waters. They are therefore suitable for those that are intent on getting the best of both worlds at the same time. They are generally narrower, and shorter than the conventional pure flat water boards described above. Moreover, they are more maneuverable in the surf given their more advanced fin set-up as well as rockers. They are in fact stable enough to enable the cruising of the flat areas and to shred the waves simultaneously. They are suitable for all cadres of users ranging from complete beginners to professional surfers.

  • They embody all the critical traits of the ideal stand up paddle board hence return more value for money than just about every other board available out there.
  • They have universal relevance and acceptance
  • They are generally more expensive given their comprehensive features.

Surfing Stand up Paddle Boards

They are primarily designed for the shredding of the waves. They generally feature pulled in outlines, advanced configurations, and curvy rockers which work in harmony to enhance their performance on the waves. They are thus more suited for surfing purposes.

  • They are fairly swift in water
  • They are fairly stable for added maneuverability
  • They are unsuitable for beginners

Inflatable Stand up Paddle Boards

They are light and compact boards that are inflated with air to enable them to accommodate the weight of the surfers. They are mainly suited for complete beginners or non-experts.

  • They are easy to store
  • They are very easy to transport around owing to the fact that they can be deflated and conveniently kept in the hood of the cars.
  • They are generally cheaper and hence within easy reach of those who need them.
  • They are easy to maneuver.
  • They lack the stiffness needed for rough waves.
  • They are less durable and are also prone to damages.

Racing Boards

These are boards that are designed for competitive sports and professional surfing/boarding training. They are generally narrower, longer, and have extremely long fins and pointed nose. They are suited for professional and highly experienced boarders.

  • They are very swift and stable in water
  • They are very ideal for racing or intense training
  • They are generally expensive
  • They are unsuitable for fresh beginners.

Sup Yoga Boards

They are much wider and longer than the ordinary wave boards. They more often than not come equipped with soft tops and other places on which various exercise tools such as safety equipment and resistance bands may be hooked. They are generally suitable for all manner of users.

  • They have universal relevance since they are suitable for all types of users ranging from beginners to experts.
  • They are very stable in water.
  • They lack the swiftness of the racing boards
  • They are fairly expensive and hence out of the reach of many a potential user.

Popular Brands

The following are the top five popular stand-up paddle board brands as of the year 2015:

Bark D2

This is a narrow board that is specially designed for high-speed racing. It is thus suitable for professional racers. It is also very handy for those persons who are intent on developing and enhancing their endurance skills, as well as for long distance paddling events. It is, however, unsuitable for new beginners and since it is less stable.

SIC X-Series

This board is available in two main construction types namely: tuff wood Carbon and the single Carbon composite respectively. It is very stable and quite suitable for padding due to the existence of a “wave-piercing bow” that greatly reduces the drag in the water leading to very comfortable rides.

F-One Manawa

This is a very great looking board that comes in four different sizes. It has a very nice width-to-length ratio which greatly improves its stability. It is also equipped with a full nose which makes it even more stable and hence quite easier to navigate.

Hobie CMLB

This is a lightweight, high-performance board that comes in two main sizes namely the 9-inch and the 9.8-inch respectively. It was designed with the aid of legendary Longboard World Champion, Colin McPhillips. It is therefore very suitable for very aggressive paddlers.

Riviera Select

This board is manufactured out of bamboo, fiberglass, Carbon fiber, and a layer Syntek materials. It is available in two main sizes i.e. 10.6-inch and 11.6-inch respectively. It is very strong, tough; has whistles and bells and is ideal for long distance paddling.

Factors to Consider while searching for the right Stand up Paddle Board

Intended Use

Different people paddle for different purposes. Some do it for fun, others as a sport, yet others may do it as a combination of any of the aforementioned purposes. It is, therefore, incumbent upon the respective prospective sportsperson to ascertain his/her own needs and use them as the benchmarks for looking out for the right board.

Distance to be Covered

As has already been implied in the foregoing discussions, these boards are of various types each with its own niche. Some are suited for racing, yet others are suited for training and general relaxation. Those that are suited for racing are primarily designed for short distances and vice versa. It is up to the prospective user therefore to determine the possible length of his entire course in order to decide the right one.

Board Hull Type

The hull refers to the body of the board. The nature of the hull determines to a greater extent how that specific board is more likely to perform in water. There are two main types of hulls namely: planning and displacement respectively. The former is flat, and wide and suitable for general purposes whereas the latter is narrow, have pointed noses and suitable for racing.

Volume and Weight Capacity

The volume of the board is the measure of the board’s potential to float on the water. It is expressed in liters. As a general rule, the higher the volume of the board, the more likely the board is to float better on the water. The capacity, on the other hand, is the maximum amount of load that the board can accommodate. The higher the capacity, the more load the board can contain and the less navigable it is.


It refers to the entire length of the board. As a general rule, longer boards are more stable and less maneuverable; whereas the shorter boards are less stable and very easy to navigate. Longboards are however much faster than the short boards.

Width and Balance

It is the measure of how wide the hull of the boards is. As a general rule, there is a direct correlation between the width and the balance and an inverse correlation between the width and the speed of the boards. That means that the wider the hull of the board is, more stable the board is and the slower it is and vice versa.

Core Materials

This refers to the kinds of materials that the boards are made of. These include: EPS foam which is basically a foam core that is wrapped with epoxy and fiberglass; a hollow core comprising mainly of plastics; Polyurethane foam; and Inflatable substances such as Polyvinyl Chloride. The type of materials determines the durability, maneuverability, float ability, safety, and the balance of the boards.


It is the flattened appendage usually at the rear of the board that is used for added stability, steering, propelling, and balancing of the board while in water. They vary in sizes and types, key among them including large single fins; three-fin set ups; race fins; and fins for the inflatable stand up boards.

Major Accessories

In order to get the best of stand up paddle boards, the following accessories and many more are required:


It is the short pole that has broad blades at either ends which is used to propel the board through the water. The most appropriate paddle is one that measures 6 to 8 inches taller than the use and has an angle in the shaft for enhanced efficiency.

Personal Floatation Device (PFD)

It is a piece of equipment that is generally designed to aid the wearer to float on water. It finds its relevance mainly in times of dangers, disasters, or rough waves. It is also called a life jacket, life belt, life preserver, cork jacket, floatation suit, or buoyancy aid.

Appropriate Clothing

It is necessary to put on proper clothing throughout the boarding exercise to ensure that no abnormal conditions emanate in the course of so doing. To avoid hypothermia in cool conditions, the boarders must wear dry suit or wetsuit. On the flip side, the boarder must wear shorts and short-sleeved shirts during the summer months to avoid overheating and general discomforts.


It is a rope that is basically used to tie the boarder to the board. This is to prevent falling into the water or interfering with the balance of the board which may eventually lead to the capsizing of the board altogether. It is important to note that different leashes are designed for different types of boards and boarding conditions. It is therefore very imperative that the prospective boarder conducts a thorough due diligence before settling for the most appropriate leash for maximum satisfaction and the avoidance of accidents.

Car Rack

Given their bulky nature, boards, with the exception of the inflatable types usually require cars to transport them to the desired place of use. It is therefore a must for an appropriate car rack to be obtained in order to enhance their transportation. Not all car rack may be of help since they have to be specially designed.

Where to Obtain the Right Board

These boards are available in several sporting hardware shops as well as online stores. Prospective users are advised to conduct thorough comparison of various features of different boards to ensure that he obtains the best quality board for the cheapest price.


Stand up paddle boarding is a relatively new sport. However, judging by the past trends, it is slowly and steadily gaining currency world over. Consequently, it is a sport that is here to stay with us for some time. All lovers of sports therefore have no choice but to not only familiarize themselves with the sport, but also make an effort to acquire all the required tools-of-trade needed to excel in the sport.